ISPRS Catalogue for geospatial educational resources

This is a pilot catalogue for geospatial educational resources that was developed as part of the 2018 ISPRS Scientific Initiatives grant. You can read more about the catalogue and implementation in this conference article,

For the backend of the catalogue, I used Google Firebase, a cloud-based NoSQL database that allows developers to quickly setup a backend for any web application. The front-end or user interface of the catalogue was developed using JavaScript and specifically the React library. React is a very popular JavaScript library for creating user interfaces at the moment and allows the developer to break the interface up into components that can be updated without updating the entire page.

You can access the:

Below is a couple screenshots from the catalogue.

Search page of the catalogue
Metadata of an educational reource in the catalogue

Donut geomasking in python

The donut geomask approach displaces each data point by a minimum amount, which provides privacy protection without the loss of spatial information that results from aggregation.